Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Frosty Winter

Elder Chan Staheli ran into an old friend while serving in Williston this month. He calls him “Elder Christmas.” Actually, this jolly old elf was part of the decorations at a home for the elderly where Chan and his companion go on Friday and Saturday evenings to serve ice cream to the residents. He says, “No matter what kind of a week we’ve had going there is the highlight.” The place is set up like a 1950s soda parlor, and with Chan’s love of acting, he gets in spirit of things there. Anything to get out of the cold! The temps have been ranging 15 to 30 below!

As a result, the elders are not able to get out every day to tract, although they have been teaching several investigators and part member families. It looks like Elder Staheli and his companion have two people getting ready for baptism though. Even though it’s been cold, he’s keeping his sense of humor warm by sharing Christmas cheer. “Whenever I see someone looking depressed during the holidays I say, ‘Cheer up, dude. It’s Christmas!’ in my Grinch voice! I have so much stuff to talk to you about from the mission when I get home, the good and bad, and the downright ugly!” Of course, this comes from the missionary who has to have won the contest for “longest Skype call home to his family ever,” but at least he got to talk with EVERYONE.  Responding to the photos we sent him from the Spanish Fork Festival of Lights, Chan said, “We have a light show, too, in Williston, but it is lame. Ours in Spanish Fork is better. Ha Ha!”

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