Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving in Williston, ND

On Thanksgiving morning, I had to shingle a roof, in the cold, snowing wind! Holy crap it was sketchy! I got wind burned on my face. It was so cold, I felt like Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins when he goes to find Ra’s Al Ghul in the cold mountains! Any exposed skin was murdered! I was warm enough because I layered, except for my feet. I was wearing normal shoes and socks. Should have worn my heavy socks and boots, but didn’t think it would be that bad. Nobody did. Actually it was the first time I ever shingled a roof too. Ha Ha! We did it for like four hours. We got it all done though! We did it for a less active guy named Jefferson McKenly. He was nice and did most of the work, but heck, it was a shed-like hut that he is going to live in! It’s a trailer! I told him I want to see it when he’s done. It’s also in the middle of nowhere in a muddy spot of land. It’s a perfect place for a bachelor and his dog. Ha Ha! 

Hey, it makes a great memory for Thanksgiving Day! I gave alright! I think I almost lost my toes! My feet at the end were frozen and so numb! When I went to bed last night, two nights ago I mean, my face still felt like there was wind blowing on it!
(In a message to the family in our ward who recently brought us a tender mercy as we work to get Kent ready for his mission, and continue to support Chan as he serves—you know who you are, but we don’t, but we certainly appreciate what you did for our sons.) Wow! That is great. Tell the ward thank you, and I'll try my hardest to make the family and our ward proud! That is a great blessing! That makes me grateful! I can’t believe it! It really shows how people care. This is a great ward (the Wolf Hollow 1st Ward) I see it more and more everyday while I'm out here!
Elder Chan Staheli

Elder Chan Staheli with Brother Zak Dietz.

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