Monday, April 9, 2012

Last Letter from the MTC

I thought you might enjoy reading some of what Chan had to say in his letter this week. We also got to talk with him for awhile today as he waited for his flight out of Salt Lake City on his way to the mission home in South Dakota Rapid City. We will know later tonight or tomorrow exactly where he has been sent for his first area. I will post his address on the blog at that time.

Selections from Chan’s letter 4/7/12

"I feel the days are long, but at the same time my time here at the MTC has been short. It’s the final countdown for my stay here. Besides not having a comforter for my bed I’ve been pretty comfortable, maybe too comfortable, enjoying the new friends I’ve made in the new district that moved in a week ago. I’ve really been able to be more of myself with these guys rather than the actual district I’m in. 

It will be hard to leave the MTC. The district that I’m good friends with is all going to Indiana! They will do great there, and Indiana is lucky to have them. Last week we had to make up a character for being an investigator for other missionaries to practice on. My alter ego was Clark Reeve. I wonder who inspired that. The only thing I was missing was fake glasses. It was way fun playing a different character. (If you haven’t guessed, it’s Clark Kent—Superman, and Christopher Reeve, who played him. Lu Ann)

I realize I’m here for a purpose greater than myself, so no matter how hard it is for me to put aside worldly things and family, I must join the ranks in God’s army and man it out for two years! Coming Monday, I leave a comfortable place where food and showers are provided, and the comfort of hundreds of missionaries there for the same cause, and I go into the unknown. I guess that’s missionary work. Once you get comfortable in one place it’s time to go. 

I am glad to have been here (the MTC) during conference and super excited to be here on Easter. I feel very blessed to be here on these very special occasions (Elder Boyd K. Packer called the MTC yesterday and said 'I’m coming down to talk with the missionaries'. Chan says he was funny and gave a great message to them. Lu Ann) I feel like everything is meant to be for me right now.

The force is with me, along with all of you. When I go out I take two names with me: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the Staheli’s. With that in mind, I will do my best, and that’s okay.

Well, until next time, I send my love and my gratitude toward you Mom and to all who read this."

Love, Elder Chan Staheli

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