Monday, April 16, 2012

Elder Chan Staheli with Elder Carson Young, Huron, SD

I am settling well here. There’s not another missionary for miles and there are a lot of Karen people here; they are refuges from Burma, the victims in Rambo 4. Fourteen of them come to church already. They have and old legend that there was a gold book that an Asian had and a white guy had. The Asian lost his copy so the white man has to share with the Karen people to bring them salvation. The legend goes something like that. The only problem is there is no Karen translation of the Book of Mormon. My companion is trying to learn the language and wants to translate the Book of Mormon to Karen when he returns home. They are very humble people, and if they understand the Book of Mormon—the gold book—then they will be baptized! But we have a language barrier! I hear there’s a lot of Karen people in Salt Lake as well. We need to feed a Karen man who is a strong Mormon and can translate the Book of Mormon fast because when that’s done we got a lot of baptisms on our hands!

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