Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Final Report from Williston

I just got a new companion that is much different from my last companion, polar opposite, so it’s going to take some getting used to. I’m really new to this ward, too. I was only here for five weeks, a week short of a normal transfer. They shortened my mission cuz you spend less time at the MTC now. I’m in my third area, still living in the same house that I lived in while I was in my second area, so it still feels like my second area. I’m working the same town (Williston, ND). I also live in Watford City, the town right by Williston (45 minute drive away though!) for three days of the week. 

This area I’m in now is considered the hardest area in the mission because the ward is divided by their towns. A lot of people in Watford are less active because they don’t want to make the 45 minutes drive to Williston for church. They are working on having a building in Watford City, which will help a lot. It’s hard to find investigators because when we do find them, they hear the church is in Williston and are turned off—too far for them to drive. 

Grateful to have a lot of churches in Utah. We don’t have that problem. A lot of the work is with the less actives, but we are working with Britney (last name omitted by Mom), who is ready for baptism. She’s been ready for 4 years. She has been taught by the missionaries that long. She is so golden. The big reason she has not been baptized yet is, believe it or not, her husband is less active. Britney’s baptism is set for March 23rd. She is dead set on her husband getting reactivated so she can be baptized by him. The struggle is, will he be ready in time? 

From Lu Ann: The GREAT news is that not only did her husband become active, he also performed the baptism and is looking for a new job so they can attend church together. Chan confirmed Britney during sacrament meeting the next day, and according to Brother Deitz, he did a great job.

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