Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's a Small World

It’s amazing that the coming of September means that Chan is nearing the one-quarter mark of his mission. He’s had a wonderful time in Huron, SD, and has met many great people. He anticipates he will be transferred later this month. Some of you have already heard about one of his upcoming baptisms, and the little seed that was planted here in the Wolf Hollow ward, but I’ll share it again in case you didn’t hear me tell it in Relief Society. A couple of weeks ago, Mike, Zach and I were coming home from Moab when Kent told us we had had a visitor from Chan’s ward in Huron. He couldn’t remember her name, but she said she remembered both Chan and Kent from when they were little boys and we first adopted them.
The following Monday, we had a letter from Chan: “We have a 15-year-old named Zediciah on date for baptism right now. . . We got referred to him by Tobi Hakes, a member who used to live in Utah in our same ward. She remembers me when I was first here at age 6. She remembered how crazy Kent and I were. When we were planning for the day, I felt inspired to go and visit her, not knowing that she was even from Spanish Fork and already knew me. We had a wonderful visit, and at the end she referred us to her family (her sister and step-brother, plus their son Zed). Heavenly Father truly led me to Tobi Hakes, and she in turn led me to her nephew Zed and his less-active mother and step-father, who is a non-member. Because Zed wants to be baptized, this will affect his parents to be reactivated and converted. I know and believe that will happen.”
For those of you who haven’t figured it out, Tobi Hakes was known as Diane Hakes when she lived in the home that now belongs to the Dietz family. Chan says he now knows exactly why he was sent to Huron, SD, because Tobi (Diane) was waiting for him to come, and that she felt comfortable enough to introduce him to her family because she remembered him from when he was just a little boy. We never know when the seeds of our actions will bear fruit.

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